About The Association

Several hundred retired Air Force MSC officers met at an ad hoc reunion organized by a group of dedicated San Antonio retirees in 1991. Some of them were “charter” MSCs, having transferred from the Army when our corps was established in 1949. Others were relative newcomers, younger and with different priorities. However, it quickly became clear the consensus supported creating a formal organization to promote the interests of MSC retirees.

In 1992, the USAF MSC Association was incorporated in the State of Georgia and approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit veterans’ organization. We serve as a focal point for communications with and among members for educational, social and recreational purposes. We convene biennial membership meetings (reunions) which have become excellent learning opportunities, not to mention a place to renew acquaintances and enjoy old friends. Since then, our membership has grown to over 700. Biennial meetings/reunions have been held in Las Vegas in 1993, 1995 and 2001; Charleston, SC, in 1997; San Antonio, TX in 1999 and 2007; and Biloxi, Mississippi in 2003. Membership rosters are printed annually and sent to active members, and periodic newsletters are published on matters of interest to our members. Most members agree that the value of the roster alone exceeds the cost of annual dues. Added to that are benefits derived from the reunions that are more and more becoming educational seminars featuring presentations by knowledgeable staff from the Surgeon General’s Office, the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and similar non-profit groups.

While initially established as an organization of retired Air Force MSC officers, bylaws amendments have opened the association to active duty and Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard MSCs. Because of the increased number of members from the USAFR and ANG, makeup of the board of directors includes an officer from one of these groups. Finally, in 2003, bylaws were again amended to expand eligibility to all former Air Force MSCs. Surviving spouses of Corps members are also eligible for full membership. The Honorary Membership category is available to recognize worthy individuals who have contributed to the growth of the Air Force Medical Service Corps.