Why is the MSC Association registered in Georgia as a non-profit corporation?

Many of the original Association Founders lived in Georgia so the Association was incorporated there.

If we are a Georgia Corporation, why does the Association have an address from a different state?

The Association by-laws state that the Association address will be that of the current Association Secretary. For most correspondence, we use our Member Services rep address, currently Ken Bonner in Maryland.

I’m retired. Why should I join the Association.

In addition to the relevant reasons above for active duty members, the Association offers members the opportunity to stay in touch. We meet every two years (or more often regionally) and we maintain an Association roster that helps our members stay in touch. Ask anybody who has ever attended a biennial reunion if they had a good time and enjoyed seeing old friends and making new friends, and we believe you will get a resounding “yes”. Quarterly newsletters and our website help keep you up to date on what is happening with the Corps, the Association, and its members.

I am an active duty MSC. What does the Association do for active duty folks?

Where should we start? At the beginning would be appropriate! The Association maintains Corps History, promotes camaraderie, and supports active duty functions like AF Day and Dinner at the annual AAMA and ACHE meetings. We assist active duty project officers with marketing MSC functions like the Wagner Scholarship Golf Tournament. Recently, the Association picked up the tab for Corps Chief portraits, which were traditionally financed by “collecting” from active duty Colonels. We work with the Health Services Administration (HSA) Course Staff on projects, and we sponsor the HSA “Team Builder” Award which is presented by an Association representative at each HSA graduation. When you near separation or retirement, the Association offers a great network for job opportunities and resume exposure. We will consider any opportunity to help the active duty force!

How much does it cost to join?

Depending on your status, anywhere from FREE to $20 a year. We also have life memberships with pricing pegged to your current age. More details can be found on our Membership page.